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Ed Calderón is a non-permissive environment / counter-custody specialist and published author with operational experience along the Mexican-American border. Learn more about Ed Calderón in this OffGridWeb.com article  >>

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2-DAY Non-Permissive Environments Edge and Point Module

2-Day Class
Class Cost: $400 + $30 Counter Custody Kit (yours to keep)
Additional $40 venue fee (covers both days) paid CASH OR CHECK on Day 1


Exploring the subject matter of non-permissive environments and the weapons of opportunity one can improvise, conceal and use in high risk situations.


The Weaponology Module focuses on the reverse engineering of criminal methodologies involving weapons, case studies and evidence-based employment of austere environmentally sourced offensive tools and the importance of knowing what options you have when you lose the ability to carry conventional weaponry. Designed to be taught to both government and civilian personnel that travel abroad and may have a need to create their own defensive options, this module not only focuses on fabrication and employment but also the frequently overlooked and rarely taught aspects of concealment and the “smugglers mindset” based on criminal modus operandi from around the word. This is designed to be an add-on series of skillsets for anyone with an existing combatives base or as an introduction to working in austere weapons based environment.


Focuses on simple practical application, this Module is an opportunity for the student to employ the lessons learned by using a simulator designed to highlight any flaw in a tool or technique, the student is able to see the real-world result of an attack and it’s effects. Looking at case studies and empirical data this class reconstructs lethal wounds on a close human approximate.

Interacting with the simulator allows the student to experience the weight and momentum of impacting a moving target, see how clothing effects the functionality of point and edge weapons, as well as explore many other realities and variable of using lethal force implements.

Tool failures are common, bring what you carry / test what you make.


The Criminal of Purpose. The right mindset for the worst environments

Living Method. Video and case study of contemporary weapons-based events.

Smugglers Mindset Entry.

Geometry, decency and weight: The hotel room armor guide.

Improvised carry methods, holster fabrication and armor.

Non conductive or metallic options.

Introduction to Edge and Point Work and anatomical targeting.

Disruptive use of force.

Restraining drill. Deployment and use of edge and point options under stress with the added elements of multiple opponents and contact exercises.


Smugglers drill. Students apply concealment options to try to penetrate a simulated security filter

Utilizing the techniques and concepts learned with improvised and self-manufactured weapons.

Environmentally sourced options and region-specific options.

Austere Medical considerations.

Conventional options selection and use.

Confined space edge and point work.

Grounded options.

Advanced Restraining drill. Deployment and use of edge and point options with stress modifiers, discrimination of target, and environmental obstructions.


A Notebook / Writing Utensil
Comfortable clothes that they don’t mind getting dirty
A few of your daily carry knives
Anything you may be curious about as far as testing


Saturday & Sunday | June 20, 2020 – June 21, 2020 SOLD OUT!

Tuesday & Wednesday | June 23, 2020 – June 24, 2020

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