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Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute (MDFI) is a Michigan-based training company that has been providing real-world firearms training to military, law enforcement, and qualified civilians since 2007. 

MDFI offers a fun, safe and ego-free learning environment to all students so they get the most out of their time. Holding true to the fact that no situation is the same, MDFI courses are void of the dogma of “Our way or the highway.” They strive to offer our students multiple tips and techniques to get them through any challenge they may face. 

Catering to the beginner and the experienced defensive student alike, MDFI works to ensure that all participants walk away with the benefits of professional training, evaluation and feedback..

NLTA SERIES – Less Than Lethal Training Ammunition

8 Hour Course
Class Cost
: $175

For every student that takes their first step into a formal live-fire training course, there are easily over 20 folks who want to, but they are too intimidated by it at the moment. The courses in the MDFI NLTA Series offers the same curriculum as our live-fire classes but utilizes “NLTA” or less than lethal ammunition training technologies. What does that mean? Great question and it comes with a simple answer: Not too much of a change at all from any MDFI class. The use of this technology combined with the Northern Woods Training Facility will actually allow students to get some aspects of training that we simply cannot do in “live fire” classes.

Due to the nature of training ammunition involved, students will be able to shoot without the need for hearing protection and away from the concussion experienced with standard ammunition. These classes will ABSOLUTELY be run just like any “live fire” MDFI classes and the students will get every point of instruction that any other class by that name has. The mere fact that the ammunition used for these classes are called non-lethal (which is baloney – “less than lethal” as they can still cause serious bodily harm/and or death) – the safety and professionalism that all students experience in any other MDFI class will be just as apparent in our NLTA classes. The four rules of responsible firearms handling will ALWAYS be in effect at all MDFI classes regardless of location and training platforms used.


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  1. $25 Range Fee includes use of NWTF Simunition G17, Magazines, Holster, and Magazine Carrier. You DO NOT need your own NLTA equipment to take this class.
  2. 200rds of NLTA UTM UTX 9mm ammunition is available for $150.00 from MDFI. YOU MUST LET US KNOW WHEN REGISTERING IF YOU NEED AMMO BROUGHT TO CLASS (There will be a drop-down question block during check-out) and then you will pay for your order at class start with cash. You may source your own NLTA ammunition before the class. (Unopened boxes of NLTA ammo can be sold back to MDFI for our cost at class end). PLEASE email us BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING if you choose to 1. Use a NWTF NLTA handgun and 2. Bring your own NLTA Ammunition. (We want to make sure you don’t spend money on the wrong stuff)
  3. Students MAY bring their own NLTA Handgun and applicable NLTA ammunition/associated gear. MDFI reserves the right to inspect all student supplied NLTA gear.


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NLTA Foundation Handgun
Saturday | September 19, 2020
$50 Deposit (Remainder due at class)

NLTA Foundation Carbine
Sunday | September 20, 2020
$50 Deposit (Remainder due at class)

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