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MDFI | Beyond A Door

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

MDFI’s 2-Day Beyond A Door course will teach you how to make movement in any structure without exposing yourself unnecessarily while giving you a higher level of success when dealing with a real-world situation. Students will make multiple day and night runs through the shoot house during the two day class receiving feedback after every single evolution.

MDFI | When A Gun Is Not An Option

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

This course is tailored to give students an introduction to lawful use of force, understanding the types of people we encounter and how to appropriately interact with them, and familiarization with tools available to law-abiding citizens that fill a gap between no force and lethal force.

When A Gun Is Not An Option is a fun, educational, and interactive seminar-based class where students will have the ability to learn, discuss, watch demonstrations, and have hands on time with intermediate force tools.

Ed’s Manifesto – 1 Day Organic Medium Entry

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

This module explores the subject matter of non-permissive environments and the weapons of opportunity that can be improvised, concealed and used in high risk situations. Designed for both government and civilian personnel that travel abroad and may have a need to create their own defensive options, this module not only focuses on fabrication and employment but also the frequently overlooked and rarely taught aspects of concealment and the “smugglers mindset” based on criminal modus operandi from around the world.

Ed’s Manifesto – 2 Day Counter Custody Entry

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

The Counter Custody Entry™ module is designed for participants with a desire or need to understand the reality of criminal abduction and captivity as common in many parts of this world. This is an immersive training experience designed to familiarize students with the complexities and nuances of contemporary organized crime groups and criminal operations, specific to the evolution of an irregular custody scenario, from victim targeting to long term captivity.

Dark Angel Medical | D.A.R.T.

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

Direct Action Response Training (D.A.R.T.) is geared towards those with little to no medical training or background. It provides the student with critical, need-to-know information, which can be utilized in a myriad of situations and stresses the ‘you don’t know what you don’t know’ principle as well as our own principle of “Simplicity Under Stress”.

Dark Angel Medical | D.A.R.T. 2

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

DART 2 will add additional medical/ trauma procedures to your toolbox. Stress will be gradually introduced to scenarios, including moulage (simulated injuries), visuals/sounds and role-players to better prepare you for when emergency strikes.

Greenside Training – Weaponize the Senses

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

This course teaches the individual skill sets of the Tracker and each individual will be evaluated and rated amongst their peers. This course is designed to provide an introduction to tracking as it applies to personal safety, sensory awareness, protection of property and livestock, border ops, search and rescue, fugitive recovery, intelligence collection, anti poaching/anti […]

Greenside Training – Camocraft: Sensory Defeat

Northern Woods Training Facility Chase, MI

The American Hunter, Warrior, and Native American lineage come together to provide you with camouflage and concealment processes. Greenside Training fuses the application of camo & concealment used to harvest big game and the application of camo & concealment used to defeat human vision. No bull / No “Gucci-flage”, just practical techniques from Greenside’s boogeymen of the bush.

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