FAQ’s & Policies


NWTF / MDFI brings in other schools and educators from all over the country to share their knowledge with others. Snagging a spot and then not showing up not only costs MDFI and the Hosted School funds, but it takes a seat away from a student who could have been there. To make sure that we are not wasting finite spots in classes, see our policies below:

All seats are reserved with a deposit. Once you register and pay the deposit, you have a spot. All remaining tuition and venue/range fees are due at the start of the class paid via cash or check. Deposits are NON-REFUNDABLE and NON-TRANSFERABLE to any other class. You MAY transfer your seat in the class to another person by emailing us with the replacement persons name and contact information (email / phone number). 

IF YOU PAY A DEPOSIT AND FAIL TO SHOW TO CLASS: You WILL be invoiced for the remaining balance. It is the student’s responsibility to give away, sell, or gift their spot and deposit to another person who then owes the balance at class. FAILURE TO PAY AN OUTSTANDING BALANCE WILL RESULT IN NEVER BEING ABLE TO ATTEND A CLASS AGAIN. 

Any class cancelled by NWTF, MDFI or the Hosted School will result in a full refund of all monies to registered students. 

This policy is in place to ensure that our guests who travel a long way to teach with us are properly compensated for their time and travel.


THERE IS NO LIVE FIRE AT THIS FACILITY. Handguns are allowed on the property (open or concealed) as you are all Americans and its your right. Do so responsibly. Please leave long guns at home unless staying in a vehicle or specifically called for in a class. It goes without saying, the 4 rules of responsible firearms handling are in effect at all times and a single violation will have you removed from the property for life. Specific class safety protocols will be established by instructors and host as applicable.


Alcohol is permitted after hours as long as you do so responsibly. This is a place to relax and chill around a campfire with friends, not a frat party. This is the only rule we have on the subject… don’t be the creator of a new policy.

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